Скачать LOP Blind date 3D

Скачать LOP Blind date 3D

Blind Date 3D. Post by Salamandastron» Fri Sep 25, am. poselok-dobroe.ru Looks like this might be halfway between LoP and Sexvilla. Real Love 3D – Lesson of Passion – Blind Date 3D Porn Game. Free Download to your PC, MAC or Android now. Multiple Free Direct Download Links. Blind Date 3D. Post by Salamandastron» Fri Sep 25, am. poselok-dobroe.ru Looks like this might be halfway between LoP and Sexvilla./

I like the looks of the girls. I have to say though, that I still prefer your 2D games to your 3D games.

Real Love 3D – Lesson of Passion – Blind Date 3D | Porn Game | Free PC Download

While the 3D is good, the graphics in your games were never what intrigued me. As far as I see it, 3D games is more work with less pay-off than a longer, more detailed 2D game that perhaps requires lesser effort for greater pay-off.

Please correct me if I am wrong. Anyways, from the standpoint of evolving and expanding your business, I can understand the venture into 3D. What I do take an issue with, however, is the change in exchange rate. Now the price has been lowered and I paid a higher price for the game than people who bought it after the lowering of the price.

For your first 3d game this was actually really good. Encourage Maya to get into the hot tub. Kiss Maya when the option pops up, she will refuse and leave the hot tub. Olivia will then walk over kiss Noah and grab his dick. Congrats on the new game i loved it. My favorite scene is fuck olivia infront of her drunken husband.

Very nice, id like too see more of those in further games!!! Some details are a littel low and you can see grafic fails, but i think the first step is done and the games become much better in the future. Also I got some questions.

Blind Date 3d | LOP blog

After the Maya in the bedroom end, is there a way that she is not mad due to the camera? I love the game besides for some minor graphics issues and I thought it was maybe a little to short, but with expansions coming this is no longer an issue.

How do I know if my graphics card is up to snuff for this game. It is the ONLY thing holding me back.

Porn Game: Real Love 3D – Lesson of Passion – Blind Date 3D

For your Gpu what you have you can either go in windows do not know for mac or linux to your device manager or run diax diag for 8. U can do it better, i know that. I am sad becouse know your budget is too low.

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That 9 months includes setting up an engine and knowledge to that will carry on to future projects. So future 3D projects will be shorter to produce. The characters and the sex are the most important and this game as well as their recent few lacked that. For example Half Life 1 looks so bad compared to Half Like 2.

With your logic Half Life 1 was a waste of time to create because the models of characters in that game looked like crap.

Porn Game: Real Love 3D – Lesson of Passion – Blind Date 3D

I prefer the flash, and prerendered web games on sex and glory. I just like the higher quality graphics, though the full camera control is extremely nice. I think there is some room for improvement on the engine, or maybe just some options. After playing the game multiple times I found that it was quite enjoyable and I do like the fact that certain small things can change the outcomes of other actions.

Like a butterfly effect! I enjoyed the music and hidden aspect of finding things. I was rather let down when I found that some interactable things did not help the story in any way. My favourite character was Olivia, mainly because she actually seemed like a real person, talking about their profession and how it felt to be in that profession. The other girl just felt out of place.

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And Yes once more — we plan to add expansion to this game. And as mentioned before — expansion will be free for everyone who already bought the original game. I attempted to contribute to a game developer in Russia, but he was using PayPal for his transactions. PayPal sent me emails six times, telling me that the transaction had been denied.

My bank checked the records, and told me that their had been no transaction request from PayPal. I received those requests at the email address I had registered — and updated — at the PayPal website. This is the first time I have discovered why my transaction did not go through. At a guess, because someone mentioned earlier that Paypal has nothing to do with sex, which he may not of known hence the reason Paypal messed him around before.

Fuck Harder will be on the horizon, which in turn means Living With Temptation is due after that. Curse you LOP staff you make it hard to stop and sniff the roses with this line-up.

Not to be that guy, but I thought we were due for an update on LwT2…anything new on that? Hi, Will we have the patchnote? And where can we find them? I see that it became 1. Thanks for the game.

Blind Date 3D Full Version

This is a beautiful and meaningful for us. Buy this product may be a factor but otherwise not take us the feeling we always get ripped off. Can u not pay for this game with a pre-paid visa gift card? I agree with some of my predecessors. The game story is ok, and the image surface is acceptable, but to start a new pay-to-Play side, you could have worked out the textures and graphics so as the story too, because at the current status its not worth the price in my opinion.

And why exactly is LWT 2 Taking you so long? You pronounced that you started rendering months ago, it would be nice to see it coming out or even getting an update why it takes so long, because we are all lookin forward to that game. Hi leonizer where is the free games? Regards for all your works but last years you create better games with better scenario. I prefer paying for something i get. So normally i know that good games take time. Free Games are not here to make money.

Please take your time and do really good games. I spend 2 hours playing the game and find i think all possible endings. But, there is one huge flaw in the gameplay: Please fix it in future games. Other minor Issues i found: If you give me a proper 3D game i expect to be able to do that directly, otherwise just pre-do all the animations and have them run like typical cutscenes moving through something like a 2,5D game. This would solve the previous issue also, though maybe cut away too much of the fun.

If you keep up with how you improved the other games of the last years we will get some incredible 3d games in years, hopefully sooner.

Gameplay and story was ok, no big game but interesting enough to keep me busy for a while. I would really like to see some add-ons to the game though, instead of doing other games. Saw a video of this game, no sale.

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But this has the added inconvenience of having to walk everywhere. You could have easily done this in the usual 2D format. And is there really no group sex? You can have any number of characters and multiple, repeatable sexual actions. Thank you ltpika for sharing with us your wise words. Good on you Leonizer. Yeah, your work is awesome. But I think it would be nice if you mantain this blog updated, adding new games and news about future games at most every 10 days just my opinion, I think it would be nice for blog and clients.

But it looks like the 2d games are still coming on strong. The specs required for Mac must be off. You are on the Frontier of interactive adult gaming as degree head tracking virtual reality is becoming very cheap…. Who needs a girlfriend anymore……. Just give me a couple of minutes to prepare a special post about it. This is a good 3D game for a start. The story takes place. I give an example. Sometimes clicking with the mouse, there is the taskbar that appears again and there one can not click anywhere.

I still have to add a little question: Where is the toilet? Maya knows, but I searched everywhere without finding the door. Truly well done, I only wish there were more twisted and turns, alternate endings, more scenarios and ability to go outside and visit the town, engage in new characters and bring them back. So much can be done with this game concept, I hope they take it to the extreme , it would be very enjoyable.

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