Мод для етс 2 1.1.1 мерседес 1632


  • 1.1.1 етс мод мерседес 1632 2 для
  • MERCEDES LPS 1632 1.27 TRUCK
  • 1.1.1 етс мод мерседес 1632 2 для
  • Download Mercedes-Benz for Euro Truck Simulator 2

мод для етс 2 1.1.1 мерседес 1632

Самосвал Mercedes-Benz NG Иранский тюнинг Mercedes Benz NG от Ali Этот мод протестирован на xxxxxx Авторы: Ventures87, Stels, Ali, Sobral, Kirill73rus, Ekualizer. MERCEDES + INTERIOR X. by Euro truck simulator 2 · October 17, Description: New version of mod Edited interior some details Edited version and now works of all ETS2 versions Added some new details Fixed wheels quality Enjoy! Зеркало быстрее мод | 33,2 МБ. Мод "Mercedes v" для ETS 2 - Грузовик к игре Euro Truck Simulator 2. Наиболее часто используемые режимы Mercedes-Benz привлекательной обновления v было принято./

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When viewed from the front, the R 1200 RT is instantly recognizable as belonging to the BMW Motorrad family. The headlight constitutes a striking eye-catcher on the front end, underlining the hallmark BMW Motorrad split face.

With two round reflectors on the outside and an elongated reflector in the center, it displays the typical face of a BMW tourer and ensures an unmistakable look by day as well as by night.

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When it came to linking the motorcycle front with the side fairing, the designers achieved an exceptionally lightweight look thanks to an air duct that makes the front appear to be floating above the side fairing.